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PR3-The Paul Roman 3 was a band I put together while I was living in Finland. The band featured Mika Railo on slap bass and Slim Salminen on drums.Here is a list of gigs we did this summer along with some pictures and our set list.Check out the reports from Spain and St.Petersburg!


Paul Roman 3 Tour dates

July 15- Tampere(raparallaa)Finland
July 16- Turku(music bar shadow)Finland

July 23-Blanes (girona) Spain
July 25-Madrid (gruta 77)Spain
July 26-Pravia (titos)Spain
July 27-Caceres (belle epoque)Spain
July 28-Ubeda(jaen)La Teteria-Spain
July 29-Alicante (ciudadela)Spain

All shows in Spain with The Hellbilly Club


Spain PR3 Tour

The Spanish tour started in Barcelona where we were picked up at the airport by The Hellbilly Club who were going to support us on the tour. We hung out in Barcelona that day and then we went to see the Stray Cats that night. Slim Jim Phantom WAS the show in my opinion-he was just excellent.

The next day we played a big outdoor festival in Blanes which is about one hour north of Barcelona on the coast.The crowd there was great and I saw a lot of old friends from previous trips to Spain(Brioles-Broncats-etc.).

Then it was on to Madrid- (we did a total of 4200 kilometers on this trip!)We played at a place called GRUTA 77- it was a good club and just about every punk band you can think of has played there.The crowd was great and again lots of cool people to talk to after the show.

Long drive the next day to Pravia which is in the north of Spain- a real strange place called Titos -it was an old disco club- It was a Monday night so we didn't know what to expect for a crowd but it turned out to be one of the best gigs on the tour.Thanks to the Ann Alley Rock n Roll Club!
Back in the van...this time to Caceres- at the center of this town was a huge castle built in the year 1000- before the show we walked around up there- it was 12 midnight- the moon was out and bats were flying around and rats were running was real psychobilly ha! ha!
The show was very small and the club (Belle Epoque) was small but we had a good time thanks to some very enthusiastic people there.

More travel in the van which included the three of us and Santi,David and Rafa from the Hellbilly Club and the sound engineer/tour manager Gere from Producciones macarras, plus two double basses guitars drums amps and suitcases!!!

So of course it was bound to happen, on the way to the next gig in Ubeda, we blew a tire on the highway, no problem got it fixed and back in action.The next club was La Teteria- it looked like the old Cavern Club that the Beatles used to play in....but smaller :) We didn't even think we could fit on the stage.That night we really had a good show and fans there were real cool.
Traveling around Spain, we drove through some forest fires! You could see the flames for miles. The landscape looked a lot like northern Arizona or California.
Last gig was at a place called Badulake in Formentera del Segura -this club was a brand new place decorated to look like an American bar--The show was ok but I was “out to lunch” on the stage, after the show we didn’t talk to the fans because we had one hour to take a shower and pack the van as we had to be at the airport in Barcelona by 9am.
We had a real good time and all the fans were real good and very happy to hear all the Quakes songs. Special thanks to the Hellbilly Club for letting us use their gear and to Gere for setting it all up.
See you next time!


August 14-Helsinki (waiski)Finland
August 20-Helsinki (on the rocks)Finland
August 21-Salo-Finland

August 22-St.Petersburg (money honey)Russia

St. Petersburg
Wow...where do I start....First of all any impressions you may have had about Russia will be quickly forgotten when you get there.The city of St. Petersburg is just incredible. The architecture, the people and the culture are very cool here.
We arrived on Sunday afternoon and were met by our tour manager Alex who took us not to the hotel....but to our own apartment!-Yes! A three room apartment with full kitchen, washing machine, etc.This is a bands dream come true when on the road. The apartment was right in the city center with lots to do and see.

The gig was at the famous MONEY HONEY club which started ten years ago and is devoted to live rockabilly and psychobilly.The club is like a “hard rock cafe” of rockabilly with various artifacts displayed on the walls.

That night the place was packed and the crowd reminded me of how the scene was in the late 80’s (wild and crazy!)The fans there especially liked the older Quakes stuff like Psychobilly Jekyll& Mr. Hyde and Pack our bags and go etc.Special thanks to the Barbulators for opening!

After the show, many people stayed to talk to us and take pictures. There was a lot of people who came from Moscow and all over to see us and we made some good friends.

Monday was the day to see the city and do some shopping. I was particularly interested in finding Russian Quakes bootlegs, which I found a few very cheap.
You couldn't possibly see everything there is to see in St. Petersburg in one day- you would need a few weeks- there are so many museums and other historical places along with cool clubs and shops.

In the evening we returned to money honey to hang out and watch the bands and we ended up getting up on stage and playing a few songs and then jammed with Kirill from SCARY BOOM. We went to see the opening of the bridges afterwards. At night the open all the bridges to let the big ships through and its kind of a tourist thing but it was cool.

Tuesday, our last day...In the morning Alex took me to the place that sells police uniforms so I could get my own official Russian police gear ha! ha! I wanted to put it on and ask people for their passports on the train!

We then went to St.Isaacs cathedral where you could see a full 360 degree view of the city from the highest point.We also visited the Peter and Paul fortress, the first fort that founded the city of St. Petersburg built in 1703 by Peter the Great.
Most of the time when you are on tour ,you never get to see anything because of the schedule.We want to thank Alex for taking the time to show us around and for being one of the best promoters I have ever dealt with.
Thanks to all the fans in Russia- I cant wait to come back again, Paul


Left to right

Mika Railo-(bass)

Alex-(tour manager)

Slim Salminen-(drums)

Paul Roman-(Guitar/vocals)

August 27-Erlangen (scheune)Germany
opening-Tazmanian devils
August 28-Wiesbaden (kulturpalast)Germany
opening-Bad Reputation

August 29-St.Gallen (burg clanx festival)Switzerland
plus 5 other bands

August 30-Munich (monofaktur)Germany
August 31-Wien - (arena wien)Austria
September 2-Cologne (mtc) Germany
opening-Bad Reputation

September 3-Potsdam (lindenpark)Germany
opening-Thee Flanders-Ripmen

September 4-Jena (kassablanca) Germany
opening-Pfeffer+Kathy X (ex members of
Death Valley Surfers and Mad Sin

September 10-Mikkeli(king creole)with Streamline 59-Finland CANCELLED!
September 11-Helsinki (turkoosi)Finland CANCELLED!


PR3 Set list

1.Puttin out the flame
2.One of a kind
4.Paint it black
5.Thrills & sensations
7.Lifetime to go
8.Ice cold baby
9.Hole in my heart
10.Youre dead
11.New generation
12.Revenge is mine
13.Psychobilly Jekll&Mr.Hyde
14.Cool punk
15.Now i wanna
16.All messed up
Pack our bags and go
Fishnet stockings

Other songs;
Gothic Girl

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