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The Quakes -New album

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You may have noticed that some albums are down right now and others have become available on youtube facebook and instagram. The digital distribution is being changed and very soon all albums will be available on all platforms.

The new album is in the editing and mixing stage. As of right now it looks like 11 songs, maybe 12. The songs are coming along good!

We reached $7885 of our 10K goal. We want to thank all of you who donated!

The campaign is closed now and recording is underway. We may not get to record as many songs as we wanted to but that’s ok. We are recording at multiple locations and studios. There are many people involved in this project and it has been hard to schedule things. The process is taking way more time than I would like but it’s moving forward. Thanks for your support!

We are going to record a new album!

It has been ten years since the last full album release. Under normal circumstances, we would have been playing shows to raise money for this. Due to the pandemic and the fact that we do not have a drummer, this has not been possible.
We started working on the new songs about a year and a half ago.

How can we make an album without a drummer? Wes and I both play drums and we will use a variety of session guys who we have used in the past that we like.

We are asking that you donate $20 (anything helps).
By donating twenty dollars, you will get a download code when the album comes out. It will be sent to the email you provide with your donation.

We are trying to raise $10,000 to cover the recording and all costs associated with making the album. We will release the new album on vinyl at some point (when we get back to playing live shows) but initially it will be a digital only release with a small run of special CD’s.

Paypal campaigns only last 30 days so if we do not reach our goal, we will start another one for the remainder.

Thank you for your support! Paul Roman/Wes Hinshaw- The Quakes
Photo-© pitpony photography

Update December 9  2023

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