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Direct support for The Horrorpops

FRI-1/31 - Brick By Brick-San Diego CA- SOLD OUT

SAT-2/1 -Nile Theater- Phoenix AZ- SOLD OUT

TUE-2/4 -Oriental Theater-Denver CO-SOLD OUT

WED-2/5 -Metro Music hall- Salt Lake City UT

THU-2/6 -The Olyimpic-Boise ID

FRI-2/7 -El Corazon-Seattle WA-SOLD OUT

SAT-2/8 -Dantes-Portland OR-SOLD OUT

TUE-2/11-Virginia st Brewhouse-Reno NV

WED-2/12-Goldfield Trading Post-Sacramento CA-SOLD OUT

THU-2/13-Slims-San Francisco CA

SAT-2/15-The Wiltern-Los Angeles CA-SOLD OUT

SUN-2/16-Fremont Country Club-Las Vegas NV-SOLD OUT

We had a real good tour with The Horrorpops and Franks and Deans!
We want to thank Patricia Day for inviting us. Thanks to the Horrorpops crew (Brian,Boris,Matt and dancers Kelly and Rita) and of course Neidermayer and Nekroman. A big thanks to Rob,Cam,Hoss,Sampson and Nicole from Franks and Deans who were just great. Thanks to our merch guy Jeremy who was called “jammer” by one of the production staff in a certain venue and now he’s stuck with it. :-)


There were a couple of weather related issues for us driving on ice. Luckily I’m from Buffalo and we did not end up in the ditch as so many cars and trucks had on I-80 from Denver to Salt Lake City. (almost though).
Then there were two main highway closures from Boise to Seattle that made us three hours late for load in. We are sorry we had to Cancel the show in Boise.
At the Wiltern in Los Angeles Patricia’s bass was not working on the first song. We took Wes’ pre amp and switched it and it worked fine. The very next night it was our turn… Wes’ bass was shorting out on the first two songs in Las Vegas and Patricia let Wes use her bass for our set. That is the thing about this scene and the people in it, we are all in it together.


The Horrorpops took us bowling in Las vegas after our last show there and The Koffin Kats showed up! They were flying home after some shows in Denver and again it was great to be around all of our musical friends.


Most of the shows on the tour were sold out. I think things are starting to pick up again for our scene. Hopefully we can come back to the cities we played in and do our own full length show. We had a 45 minute spot on the show and we tried to cram as much from 34 years in as we could.I know we made a lot of new fans out there. If you were seeing us for the first time and you are reading this, check out our whole history. We have had a wide range of styles over the years. Thank you to all those fans who told us how much The Quakes music means to you. It feels good to know you are out there!


A special thanks to all those people who helped us with our set up each night,all the promoters and Brando at Atomic booking.
Photos by Kalie Capadona, Andrew Gourd
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