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The Quakes & Voice of America Re-issue


The Quakes first two cds on Nervous re-issues.
While we were on the last European tour in October 2012, I was made aware that there were re-issues of the first two Quakes albums on Nervous records (The Quakes and Voice of America).
I did not know this until I discovered them from a vendor at a festival.
I contacted Nervous and Roy Williams said that he had licensed the cds to Dell Richardson of Fury records.
Roy had some of the old booklets left over from the original cds and Dell made some CDRs to go with them.

There was some confusion (and still is) when they were being listed on ebay and other sites as being “new”
and that they were not listed as CDRs and they are charging full CD price..
In fact a friend of mine recently bought one from ebay thinking it was the original and he was mad to find out that it was a CDR.
Im posting a picture of the original first Quakes CD and a picture of the recent CDR so that you can see the difference.
Also a picture of the Voice of America CDR.

The original CD is a silk screen print and the CDR is a laser print. The colors are different.
Roy told me that there were only 25 of these so they will probably go quick.
If you see one of these albums on line, ask the seller if its an original copy or the re issue CDR.
I have seen these on ebay and Amazon in the USA and also and
I have also seen them at festivals and some mail order shops are selling them as well.

There is a bunch of other Top selling Nervous CDs that were out of print that were also recently re-issued.
Im telling you about it here in case you want to get one. There is no advertising for them either on the Nervous or Fury web site.
So if you want one of these limited CDS check the sites I mentioned.


ORIGINAL first Quakes CD


The original has the P- nervous reords and you will see NERCD 037 on the silver ring around the center hole


Re-issue CDR


The re issue does not have P nervous records and does not have NERCD 037 on the silver ring around the center hole


CDR version of Voice of America

ORIGINAL Cd of Voice of America

On a side note, if you look at the date on the cd it says 1992. This is when the CDs came out.The vinyl album for Voice of America was released in 1990.
The first Quakes album was released in May of 1988 but again the cd came out in 1992.
The album should say(in my opinion) originally released in 1988 or 1990.

I have had several magazines and even books get it wrong because they looked at the date on the CD.
Why is this important? Well its important to me and the history of psychobilly to get the dates of when things happened correct.
I had to argue with whoever wrote the article about psychobilly for wikipedia. He insisted that Voice of America came out in 1992 because it was in Alternative Press magazine.
This is how our history gets lost when things are not correct.

If you have any questions or comment about this you can email us

UPDATE December 2 2017

I have found yet another version of the first cd. Again this is a CDR. Originally I was told that there was "10" reissues.....then I was told there was "15" more.
I happen to know that there are well more than just 25 of these. I have seen them myself in stores around Europe and in Los Angeles. They are also advertised on the internet. I don't know how many reissue CDRS that are out there or how many different printings there are or variations. I don't belive that they are legitimate and must be bootlegs.

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